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About Us

Arkadia Supply Company creates outdoor goods that embody the spirit of its rainy and rugged geographic namesake. Our products are built with thorough waterproofing, extreme durability and intelligent design in mind.

Our mission is to continue to create high-quality, lightweight packable gear that is specifically designed for adventure seekers and world travelers.

What started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2017, The Pacific Northwest launched its first product ever to hit the market - a waterproof backpack that fits in your pocket. With the success and confidence from Backers, PNW decided to expand from ultralight backpacks to developing various other tools that are essential for the modern traveler; but with the same ultralight feel.

As seen on various pristine media outlets such as Mashable and Business Insider, The Pacific Northwest promises to only deliver the most impeccable and practical products to our audience.

Now, the Pacific Northwest company continues to develop ultralight backpacks that are effective, dependable, and utterly modern in its style.

Mashable calls the flagship backpack by the PNW company “magic” and “perfect for your next adventure” due to its ability to “fit everything you need and shrink to fit in your pocket.” It’s true! The company has generated all sorts of positive buzz with this backpack, as well as its full line of incredible outdoor products.

Along with Mashable, digital influencers such as Outside, Gear Hungry, Digital Trends, Trendhunter, Business Insider, Tabi Labo, and Gigazine have all taken interest in the PNW’s amazing array of products- many of which have become beloved additions to the outdoor repertoire of adventure-lovers and explorers all around the planet.

The widely-renowned “Business Insider” has sent a wealth of praise toward the Sea to Sky pack. They call it “the ultimate travel backpack” for its ability to compress itself to a size “smaller than a soda can” and also for the impressive water-proofing: “The Sea to Sky Pack keeps your stuff dry, even when submerged underwater.” Pretty cool, huh?

Currently, you can see The PNW represented in videos and articles all over the digital universe. You can count on seeing this cutting-edge brand more and more, rather than less, as more significant amounts of hikers and nature-lovers all over the globe begin to tune in and catch on to the top-of-the-line good being produced by the PNW.

From the humble beginnings of a Kickstarter campaign to being featured in articles with high visibility on significant platforms, the Pacific Northwest company is just beginning its ascent- stay tuned and participate to see the rise continue, and to be a part of this contemporary endeavor reaching its peak!

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